I love booklets but never know what to do with them. When you leave them how they are, you're just staring at a cover and all the stamps are hidden inside. That's just no way to mount a nice collection. Luckily, many recent booklets are folded (well, over here anyway)and can be displayed by showing them unfolded. Other than that, I have no qualms about ripping apart prestige booklets and just showing the separate panes.

But that is basically a mortal sin, isn't it? I firmly believe (yes, I know I'm contradicting myself, but that is where the problem lies!) that you should leave any philatelic item in tact. That holds especially true for older items. But then, it's usually the older items that would benefit (displaywise) from being exploded, as I believe the official term is. I must admit I have once or twice ripped up older booklets but only with a heavy heart!

I was therefore very happy to be able to buy this 1940 booklet with Wilhelmina stamps, already separated by the previous owner. Not another load of guilt on my conscience! And see, this is what I mean by nicely displaying such a booklet.

Do you feel the same hesitation? Or have you found a way to deal with this? Or do you just not care at all? Let me know!