Yes, I'm finally back! Back from a trip to mainland Europe and back to writing my blog more often (well, hopefully anyway). While away I received two comments on previous posts which jolted me into writing again.

The first one was from Eurostamper, who very kindly reviewed my blog on their site here. I must have been doing something right after all, then! Thanks for the glowing report and I'll look into that permalink matter, although I'm always a bit baffled when it comes to computer stuff like that! Here's me thinking I was being quite smart with my labelling! And where do I get my stuff? Usually from ebay or numerous auction catalogues. I try to find auction houses in the country of the stamps I need. That way, you'll find you have much more choice!

The second comment came from King Qi, who has his own stamp blog. As a proud Sarawakian his blog deals a lot with stamps from there, which is great because Sarawak used to issue some beautiful stamps. I've always been very fond of the Sir Charles Vyner Brooke issues, of the days when they still knew how to make wonderful stamps!

Any tips? Personally, I find a black background always rather tiring to the eyes in the long run and you should try and invest in a scanner to get better images. Any basic scanner will do, mine is the cheapest in the range!

Anyway, thanks guys, for bringing me back!



Adrian, great to see you back.. I was wondering what happened to you.. I am finding it difficult to write myself as well... hopefully will get my apartment here in Seoul soon and get a scanner set up so can show some stamps..

Seoul Postal Museum is on my agenda for tomorrow..Saturday.. finally a day off.. :-)

Best wishes...Michael