Yes, I know, there should be a little thingie on top of the c, but I cannie find it so it'll have to do without!

What am I on about? well, Hradcany Castle of course! I've recently been delving into the subjectmatter of Czechoslovakia's first definitives, depicting that castle. I had never really looked at it but it's a feast for collectors with thousands of varieties to search for. If I'm not mistaken almost every stamp on all the 70 (?) odd plates can be plated so that's you busy for the rest of your life! I wasn't going to go that far, but the least one can do is distinguish the five main types (six in some schools). And what's nice is that these types can not only be found on stamps but on postal stationery as well. I managed to get a couple at Congress the other day. Here's one.

This is actually design type 5. The bush which had been present in the foreground on all previous types has disappeared, giving St Nicholas Church much more prominence. Here's a close-up of the stamp bit.

Not sure what I'm on about yet? Well, here's a close up of a type 1 postal stationery design.

As you can see, there is that bush I was talking about. Note also how the wording has been placed in a frame around the castle design.

I'm hooked!