Life can be full of surprises. And the best ones are when you bid on a larger lot (as opposed to just the one stamp or set) and you get so much more than what you bargained for. That happened to me when I placed a bid on a Czechoslovakian lot, described as back of the book Hradcany material (I love that term!). To my surprise it contained lots of other goodies, like this beautiful sheet.

It was issued in 1943, when Czechoslovakia was dismembered. The Czechoslovakian government in exile authorized this sheet, which was designed and printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd in London, where the Czechoslovak stamp exhibition was held. It is basically just a souvenir sheet and it has no postal value, with designs based on existing stamps. Apart from promoting the stamp exhibition, the souvenir sheet also celebrates 25 years of Czechoslovakia.

Isn't it a beauty?