Sometimes I just don't understand stamp designers. I know I'm not the most ardent fan of innovations and newfangled ideas as far as designs is concerned but have a look at this.

We're talking 1940s here and as you can see a very traditional design. No sign of any urge to innovate. But why on earth did the designer place the portrait in the top left corner???? It looks so wrong and out of place, staring off the stamp like that. This one here (1930s I believe)

is better but even here you could argue that the king is staring off the envelope. After all, the tradition (or even stipulation) that stamps have to be placed in the top right corner of the envelope had been in vogue for a long while. I believe that postal authorities started hammering on that way back in the 1800s. So basically, this one here (1935)

is how it should be. Note how well balanced the design looks compared to the others. And if you think things like that don't matter when the portrait is the central part of a definitive, you can think again, for look at this:

I immediately think there's something not right here, whereas with this version

I only think: perfect!