if you please, for things are slightly hectic at the moment and I do not seem to find the time or peace of mind to write more regularly. However, things should improve halfway in June so I hope to pick up the thread again then!

In the meantime, I need help with the following:

A friend of mine has bought this cover. He collects GB George VI high values on cover. The problem he has with this particular one is that he does not have the imperial and foreign parcel post rates, which were used for this cover.

As you can see, it was sent on 08-12-1949 (well, at least I suppose that is the date), from Stoke-on Trent, England to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Seeing that the addressee is a book publisher and the sender a colour manufacturer, the parcel may well have contained inks. A total franking of 6 shilling was applied.

If anyone knows those rates or maybe know someone who might know, I'd be delighted to hear!