I had this lovely surprise yesterday when I received this cover from Eric in France.

It has the new Marianne on, which, I must admit, I don't like at all.

I didn't really like the previous one either, and long for something a bit more original, like this one.

But the other stamps included on the cover are really nice, I think. They all represent values that are important to Europe, as the stamps are issued because France takes on the Presidency of the EU in July. The stamps show that the designer of the Marianne stamp, Mr Beaujard, is able to come up with very elegant designs, like this Peace stamp

and this Environment stamp.

Why then did he do such a horrible job on the Marianne stamp?



Sébastien said…
Interviewed last January, Beaujard told he is proud of his classic Marianne. And President Sarkozy chose it amongst 41 projects ( for photos).

The '14 July Marianne' you present was indeed a renewal of France's definitives by Mrs. Ève Luquet, a little like the one by writer Jean Cocteau. It was chosen by a selected jury and President Chirac.

Beaujard is talented artist and engraver: look for its landscape and portrait stamps: .