I've always had a soft spot for royalty on stamps, and quite like the concept of this 1949 Portuguese set. It is centred around the "House of Aviz", and depicts not only King Joao I,

but also his spouse, Queen Philippa of Lancaster,

and various other prominent figures of the era, such as the general and protector of the Kingdom, Nuna Alvares,

and Joao das Regras, a jurist who gained fame for supporting the claims of Joao I to the Portuguese thrown, after years of civil unrest without royal rule.

That way, in eight stamps, a great picture of a whole era is painted, well done! King Joao I, by the way, is also named King of Happy Memory, a lovely name, presumably referring to his kind rule.

Was he as good a king as he could have been?
I don't think any man has ever been as good a king as he could have been, but this one tried.
Famous words, not mine.