I've been fulminating about new issues for a long time (ever so friendly and humbly though!) but I feel I must slightly readjust my opinions for I seem to keep on showing you new issues that I love! How's about this one then!:

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? Those colours, the soft background! Deg allan o deg, as the Welsh would say (sorry, feel like showing off a little here).

Here's another stamp from the set. Look at those chicks! Reminds me of our barn swallow chicks which have just left the nest and are now (battered by rain and wind) on the phone line, huddled together, waiting for their mum or dad to bring them food!

It's of course a bullfinch, although I couldn't find this species in my European bird book, so it's probably an uncatalogued Azorean variety?

You know how we stamp collectors love those!



Anonymous said…
It's the Azores Bullfinch, you're right. :)
Dolores said…
Beautiful sheet. I heard/read this specie only lives at Azoren. There is another set of stamps, a wwf issue from Azoren with this bird which is very nice too.