I promised you some more on the queen's diamond diadem. Well, when Elizabeth became queen, she had to pose for photographer Dorothy Wilding whose photographs would be used for the new British and Commonwealth stamps. When she, the queen that is, saw the photographs, she realized that her diadem was leaning way too much backwards, which of course is a royal faux-pas. You can see that on the original artwork for the Wilding stamp.

A problem arose in that Elizabeth was far too busy to pose again, so the original photos had to be retouched. This proved rather hard to do, but in the end it proved possible to fiddle slightly with the frontal cross (remember?!), by making it stand more upright, thereby optically deluding the human mind into thinking the whole diadem was more upright. Everybody pleased.

Here, you have the two crosses side by side, for comparison.

So you see, one simple stamp design, so many things to discover!