Every now and then, for whatever reason, I buy something I wasn't going to or didn't want to. And that happened to me again, t'other day. I'm writing an article for which I need some flowery stamps as images and while I was browsing away, I finally came across the Thailand flower stamps I thought I needed. I was after the 2004 set for New Year 2005. The years apparently proved too mindboggling for my simple brains for I ended up buying the 2003 set for New Year 2004!

Completely useless but they turned out to be quite nice, so I'm not displeased!

My favourite two of the four are the 3b Canna xgeneralis (a type of lily),

and especially the 3b Eucrosia bicolor, which is a Peruvian lily.

Note how the background colour comes from a different corner on each stamp. Nice touch. Maybe they were issued as a block of four in the sheet stamps. But mine came as singles so I can't tell you.

Now all I need to do is get myself the proper stamps I really need!



Pablo (yo) said…
It's interesting how in the first does not come from a corner but from the hole left side.

Great site,