Every time I look at my ever growing collection of Japanese Occupation of Netherlands Indies stamps I smile at the amount of different stamps and overprints I have. But every time I look at the 600+ pages of the two catalogues regarding this period my smile fades: there's still so much to collect. The number of overprint types and varieties is just mind boggling! But anyway, I did receive a new type of overprint the other day, so that put my smile back on again!

It is the black "IPL in frame" overprint, used on Sumatra in the province of Palembang. I've tried for a few minutes to find out what IPL stands for, but no luck. Maybe something like Imperial Palembang? Answers on a postcard please! Anyway, this here is the small version. There's also a larger version but that was never used on Wilhelmina stamps, so that's one I do not have to collect! Phew! I do need to get the violet version though! Oh well...