My New Peacemaking Collection!

So here we are: I've finally embarked on my Peacemaking collection! I'm all excited! As I may have said before, I've read this most wonderful book on the 1919 Peace Process in Paris, in which a new Europe was given shape, and indeed other parts of the world were reshaped as well. The book is Peacemakers by Margaret MacMillan. It is so detailed that I've decided to follow it to the letter and build my collection around it. Every five days I pick the next page of the book to study and see how I can translate that information into a great collection. So far, so good, I would say, although I've only read six pages so far and managed to write up just the one page. I reckon I will need some eight years to get through the whole book, but then I will probably need longer to get all the items I would like! So it's really a lifelong ambition!

The idea is that the collection will consist of stamps (naturally!), but also covers and postcards (and probably the odd photograph here and there). I will be blogging about everything I do in a chronological order (as regards the collection), so with the labels attached you should be able to follow the story nicely.

Now, the book is divided into eight parts, so I will lable the blog entries accordingly. This one, therefore, starts as Peacemaking 1. The chapter titles will be above the blog entries to form separate groups under that label, starting with the next one as this is just my introduction. I hope you enjoy it and would very much welcome your feedback, thoughts, ideas and extra info! Everything is welcome! But most of all: ENJOY!