om mani padme hum
Found them! The Bhutan stamps I told you about in my previous entry. So here they are. I believe that the point I was trying to make (just a minor point, mind you), was that Bhutan stamp can be wonderful, when they depict stuff like this

(the precious queen from the 1986 precious symbols set, she being the most beautiful and virtuous mortal woman and one of the seven possessions of the chakravartin or ruler of the world), or this

(the seven treasures from the 1983 religious offerings set), or even this

(the Mandala of Amitayus in Wrathful Form from the 1986 Kilkhor Mandalasof Mahayana Buddhism set, them being spiritual teaching tools). In other words, when they stick to subjects that relate to the country and its culture, heritage, etc. But when those issues are too often replaced by stuff like this

I tend to switch off......


PS: looking at those, wouldn't it be great to start a buddhism collection?!


Anonymous said…
Some beautiful colors here. I like the first one very much.