Fly away
Hello again! I've just come back from a few days at Mersehead bird reserve in Scotland, on the Solway Coast. Had a great time with lots of walks along the beach and of course many birdies. The reserve is known for its wintering flocks of geese. Literally thousands of Barnacles flock to the reserve in the winter and in the early mornings they were in the field at the back of our cottage. Great sight!

Another great sight was the starling display or roost as it is called. Again, literally thousands of starlings come together late afternoon and give a display in the air. They form a large group and make all sort of patterns in the sky, such as ball-, waving flag- and jellyfish-like, moving shapes. Absolutely incredible!

But it was just as great to sit in front of the window and look at the hedgerows, with its yellowhammers, reed buntings and even a pair of bullfinches.

So yes, I had a good time, and yet I'm back to be back among me stamps!