I once had in mind to collect the postmarks of the 1890s Athens post office. You see, that post office was opened in 1895 and had nine different departments, each one handling a certain type of mail, such as printed matter, registered mail, parcel post, etc. Each department had its own number and that number was included in the cancellation. Now, the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens the year after, so it has become quite a fashion to collect those postmarks on the Olympic Games stamps that were issued then.

It started off well enough and I soon had my first cancellation from department no. 1, handling regular mail (including postcards).

It's a bit grubby and the postmark does not actually cancel the stamp, but hey, it was just the begining! However, I soon found out that all other covers, if ever they were offered, were at least €100, so that immdiately put a dampener on my ambitions!

However, when I have something in my head I find it kinda hard to let go, so I kept looking at those great stamps and their cancellations and that is how I couldn't resist getting this pair of the 2l stamp.

See the variety?

Exactly, the stamp on the right has the engraver's name (the world famous Mouchon) missing at the bottom.

Okay, so it's not a postmark, but I'm pleased anyway!