The spectacle of the Summer Olympics is barely behind us and here all talk is of the 2012 Games, and if not, of the 2010 Commonwealth Games which will be held here in Scotland. Which is why the 2010 Winter Games seem to have fallen by the wayside a little here. But no longer! For the first Winter Games stamps have just (well, on the 13th) been issued. And they're from Canada, which is okay because that's where the games will be held.

Now you may know that I'm not really a massive sports fan, and even less an Olympic Games fan, but I do like my stamps and I like 'em even better when they're well executed, as is this lot.

I think they ooze movement and speed and are very effective. They're just as enthusiastic and energetic as the design team that came up with them, Signals. The company was so very kind as to send me some extra material regarding this issue. The actual designer, John Belisle, is said to be inspired by existing sports posters such as these.

The original colour scheme for the stamps was slightly different, as can be seen here.

I believe the eventual colours evoke much more of a wintry feel, and really are an improvement.

Signals have been designing Canadian stamps for quite a while, and you can find a list of them here. My favourites of that lot would be the 2002 Christmas stamps. very nicely done.

I'll leave you with my absolute favourite of the this current set: the freestyle skiing stamp. Some beauty. Enjoy!

CC: All images courtesy of Signals Design.