Calmer waters
Don't worry, I'm back into calmer waters now, after my fit of despair regarding the Ionian Islands. All I've done is basically try and forget everything I've read about it, and start afresh, making notes of key information and then building up a general picture. But I'm not gonna bore you with that, I'm gonna show a nice variety. Can you spot it?
No, I suppose not with this image scale. It's the C of Cefalonia.

On some of the stamps, a different lettertype of the C has been used. The variety can be found on all values of the overprinted sets. It's nice to have it in a positional block such as this one. One could almost conclude that it's the bottom two rows that have been afflicted, although it could be just these four stamps.

I haven't read anywhere how many stamps in a sheet were affected. As the overprint was made into one printing plate, so the whole sheet could be overprinted in one go, it would be possible to work that out, as long as you can get hold of other positional blocks from the same set. But they don't come along very often so that would be a time consuming effort!

By the way, have a look at the stamp itself.

It's very nice isn't it?! The unoverprinted set where this value came from is the Greek airmail set from 1935, although this example is from the 1937-9 reprints, which are slightly larger. It is a set depicting mythological figures. This stamp depicts Daedalus and Icarus. Although printed locally by Aspioti ELKA (see printer's imprint on the bottom),

the plates were made by De La Rue here in Britain. I would love to have an unoverprinted set, the stamps are all real beauties. Well, who know, maybe one day...