Stamps on stamps and souvenir sheets and the like are a great way to get a little closer to those elusive, expensive, rare items that you will probably never own. One of those is the 1959 Canada St Lawrence Seaway inverted centre. I believe they rate at some £10,000 each at the moment, so that is slightly (ahem!) more than my monthly stamp budget! Just as well then, that the stamp is featured on this souvenir sheet for the 1960 London International Stamp Exhibition, printed by Harrison.

It shows that the stamp received almost instant fame, being included in this "Hall of Fame" of printing errors within a year of issue. It sits side by side with other famous inverts such as the USA Inverted Jenny on the left. On the top row we find a GB stamp with missing check letter A in the bottom right corner, a Cape Triangle 4d stamp in the colour of the 1d, and the 9k Baden stamp printed on the colour paper meant for the 6k.

An illustrious lot, sitting happily in my stockbook!