In with the new...
Let's do wacky today, and if there's one country that does a good job of making wacky stamps, it's the Netherlands. Here are two prime examples:

This is a sheet full of gnomes, and although they're rather stylized, they are still very much recognizable as the gnomes of our youth, the ones that were on TV and the ones we used to read stories of. So it's nostalgia but not as we know it! I love the bright and vibrant colours of these stamps. They are my absolute favourites this year (well, last year actually). If I'd have lived in the Netherlands, I would have gladly bought lots of sheets and just use these stamps on my mail. But I don't so I can't. Next.

This is wacky in a different way. The design is busy and I suppose slightly wacky, and all the extra thingies very much detract from the general design, I think. But why I like these stamps anyway is that they show the actual fungi in two stages of its growth. That is a very clever idea indeed, and when you're a thematic fungi collector (which, by the way, I am not)I suppose you will be thrilled!

I was fortunate enough to win these two prizes the other day on the Dutch stamp blog Postzegelblog, and as an extra surprise they also sent me a sheet of personalized stamps, incorporating the site's logo.

I like this idea of personalized stamps very much, and it's much better than the half-hearted attempts we have here, whereby you cannot design the stamp but only a non-postal label attached to a stamp. So it's a general thumbs-up for the Dutch!



Anonymous said…
Thanks for the positive remarks on the Dutch Postzegelblog, Adrian.
We also hope to see you there more often. Best regards from Toon.
Anonymous said…
Yep, it was not a bad stamp issue year in the Netherlands. Hope next year TNT will issue interesting stamps again. The personalised, I like them very much. On we show our new creations, take a look if yoy wish. For now a happy and prosperous New Year Adrian, I hope you continue writing the interesting articles. Best regards, Dolores