I sometimes think that if I were to start my Machin collection anew I would only go for the panes from the prestige booklets. They have been around since 1969 and yield an impressive array of values, se-tenant pairs, printers, printing methods, etcetera. And they're usually very nice to look at, so it would make a lovely collection, methinks.

My latest addition is the 2007 booklet on British army uniforms. It contains four panes of stamps, of which one includes Machin stamps.

Isn't it a beauty? Look how they even managed to pick the stamps that colourwise go perfectly with the image of the "heavily braided jacket of the 10th or Prince of Wales' Own Hussars". Yes, thumbs up for this pane!

Another pane from the booklet that I liked very much is that with the regional stamps on.

The booklet does not mention anything about the painting used as illustration but the badges of the Foot Guards Regiments shown on the labels are: Grenadier Guards (centre), Coldstream Guards (top), Scots Guards (right), Irish Guards (bottom) and the Welsh Guards (left). Again, well done Royal Mail!