In these days of the more elaborate the better, it is sometimes soothing to the nerves to look back at earlier stamp designs and enjoy their simplicity and therefore effectiveness. That's what I felt when I got these Australian booklet panes.

They were the start of a reasonably long running series, although the format did change along the way, and not for the better, in my humble opinion, anyway. But these first stamps were beauties of simplicity. Just a recess-printed portrait on a lithographed coloured background.

They remind me of those wonderful American and German portrait definitives that we were once blessed with. They are effective in that you immediately concentrate on the person who is commemorated. The label in the booklet pane tells you what he/she is,

and after that it is up to yourself to delve into the subject matter. My favourite of the lot that I have is this one.

This is Caroline Chisholm (1808-1877). She played a large role in the care for immigrant girls/women coming to Australia, especially those who arrived on their own and would probably have ended up on the streets had it not been for Caroline's efforts to take care of them. She taught them basic and further skills and prepared them for work on the bush farms.

Apart from appearing on this stamp she also has the distinction of being the first non-royal woman to be depicted on Australian banknotes!
So there!