I received a lovely set of flora definitives from Austria the other day (thanks again, Florian!).

They were introduced in 2007 and replaced the "Beautiful Austria" definitives.

I quite like the fact that they managed to depict the fragility of the flowers, very stylish.

My favourite of the by now eleven stamps is the one showing the helleborus niger, or Christmas Rose, which looks almost transparent.

The only thing I would say is that they do look quite a bit like that 1950s Belgian Congo flora definitive set, don't you think?

These were drawings of course but they ooze the same sort of atmosphere, I think.



Anonymous said…
Nice definitives from Austria Arjan! Thanks for showing these, I was still looking for flowers on defintive stamps for my garden stamp group at My Philately.
I totally agree that the flowers on the Austria stamps are very fine. So are the religion, beautiful Austria and legends serie. And I still can't find the right words to describe what makes some stamp so fine. You did a good job and described it very good!
Adrian said…
Thanks, Dolores!
Don't forget about the Irish flower definitives! I think those are the most beautiful around at the moment!