Hi there! I'll be off for a wee while, but don't despair, I'll come back with hopefully nice new stuff to show you! So until then I'll leave you with this image of the (so far) most beautiful stamp issued this year!



Pablo (yo) said…
Yes, they are really nice. I really like astronomy, so I'm eager to see the Europa subjects of this year.
It's also good to see that you got the stamps. Did you find them in time?
Adrian said…
Hi Pablo!
Well, you've got a good year coming with all those Astronomy issues!
Yes, I managed to find most pictures on time. I'll send you scans of the finished article when it's published!
And I just noted that I didn't even have your blog on my blog list, so I've added yours straightaway. Now all I need to do is look up what diseno means...