What would you do?
My latest trophies are from the Japanese Occupation of the Netherlands Indies era (1942-1945). They are definitives that are overprinted in violet with the small overprint "Dai Ni Hon Yubin". These were used in Riau, the West Coast province and Jambi. The 2c value is from the Kreisler set (named after the designer) introduced in 1934.

The 5c value is from ther absolutely stunning Native Dancers set from 1942, although this is by far the weakest of the designs. Shown on this value is a Padjong dancer.

As you can see, both stamps have the margin still attached. And as you may have guessed, I'm torn (pun intended) between leaving them as they are, which I know I really should do, or removing the margin as it does not have any real function other than telling you that it is a marginal copy and that it shows the margin numbers, which makes it a proper positional item. But it so distracts from the actual stamp! Hence my title!



Pablo (yo) said…
You can always fold the margin by the perforation and put the stamps that way in your album.
The margin does not distract you, but it still is there..
Anonymous said…
I suggest leaving the margin intact, in order to protect the perforation. BTW very good quality of your items!
Adrian said…
Very clever, Pablo, I hadn't thought of that! It is a reasonable compromise, but Toon has a point too!
I think, therfore that I'll just leave 'em as they are....