Beatrix Potter
I suppose it is fair to say that Beatrix Potter is one of GB's national treasures. Her books are known throughout the world and her artwork is instantly recognisable.

Isn't it therefore a shame that, so far, the lady has never been honoured with a stamp issue?! I was reminded of that when I bought the Beatrix Potter prestige booklet from our latest club packet. Not so much for her, mind you, but for the pane with Scottish stamps, to go in my Scotland collection. Okay, I grant you, it is an honour to have a whole prestige booklet dedicated to you, but what this basically means is just a few pictures, no stamps, and it is only seen by the stamp collecting community. Now, there has been the odd value in a set with her work on, one of which is even included in said booklet.

But does that really represent her work as many know it? I doubt it. The stamp is not particularly nice, has a very buzy design, and is in awful colours. I would think that when you think of Potter's work you think of softer colours and of the various characters from her stories. Now, two other panes from the booklet show how (in my humble view anyway) it should have been done. Both tabs show various figures from her stories and these together would have made a most wonderful philatelic tribute to the lady.

But I suppose it'll never come to that......



Ian - Norvic said…
Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck were featured on the 9p stamp of the set issued in 1979 for the International Year of the Child (SG 1091). Jeremy Fisher featured on the 2nd class stamp issued in the GB-US joint issue 'Animal Tales/Favorite Children's Book Animals' in 2006 (SG2589). In 2010 there will be another set of Children's Book stamps as it is the Europa issue. Potter stands a good chance of being included, but she hasn't exactly missed out so far!

What this country needs is a searchable database not only of stamp issues but subjects and generic keywords (such as bird, frog, amphibean, books, etc).
Adrian said…
True, she hasn't missed out that much, but I just figured she might have been granted a proper set rather than the odd stamp! When Burns gets three sets dedicated to him and him alone, one wonders why nobody has pushed the idea of a Beatrix Potter set more. Maybe the Scots are better lobbyists than the Lakelanders?