My head is spinning with new ideas. That usually means that I instantly loose interest in everything I've been doing so far and want to concentrate on those new ideas. After a period of unrest, slightly loosing interest in Queen Wilhelmina, not knowing what to do with the peacemaking stuff, etc, things have clicked into place. And the funny thing is that I always come back to my original collection delights: definitives. Building up collections of those wonderful (European, in order to limit myself slightly) definitive sets. I've decided to start this new-found sparkle with the Hradcany Castle definitives of Czechoslovakia. Am busy making new album pages, organizing everything and sorting it into groups. During this phase (yes, I've been here before) my mind is full but my pen is empty, so in order not to jeopardize the process, I'll just show you some Faroe Islands. Well, I suppose you're used to my illogic by now!

They are definitives, though, mind, so there is a bit of a link here. These were introduced in 1996. The stamps show the map of the islands and a wind rose. I just love the design and wish they were still around, but no values have been issued since 2000. A quick look at the post office website shows that they are still for sale, so maybe they are still the current definitives.

There are other definitives as well, showing photographs of the various islands, but as far as I can make out these are high values. Although the idea is interesting, I find the stamps rather uninspiring, if not to say plain boring.

Oh well, back to my castle....