Scottish Wildings
I've written about these before here and here but I've now got two lovely new items that I'd like to share with you.They are two black & white photographs of unadopted essays for the series. The photographs were made by the National Postal Museum for the 1990 Glasgow Exhibition.

The first essay dates from 1958 and was therefore part of all the essays made for the set which was to be issued later that year. I love this design and think the curtain idea is very fresh and original. However, I can somehow imagine that the queen would not like to be semi hidden behind a curtain, as if Scotland would be able to blot out the queen. I've no idea whether that was the reason the design was not accepted as I'd never seen it before nor have I read anything about it, nor do I even know who actually made this design, so there's lots to research here!

The second photograph dates from 1965, according to the accompanying bumph. Again, many question marks here. I only know about essays dating from the time the definitive set was being introduced and have never heard of any essays at a later stage. But seeing that the 4d was only issued in 1968, it could make sense that at a certain stage, the idea was to have a few new designs included in the set. In the end, the existing three designs were used for the new values. This photograph has Elizabeth Odline written on the back. This could well be the designer, but Google comes up with "no results" for her name. I think the design is nice though a little less exciting than the previous essay. But I would have preferred it to the design eventually used for the 4d which in my opinionm is the weakest of the whole set.