Tour of Europe (end)
So yes, I was able to indulge heavenly when at the local post office in Kell am See. Much more than at the one but largest post office in Trier where I had no chance of finding anything other than those same coil stamps. No sheet stamps, no Ganzsachen (postal stationery), nothing.

But I was happy with the things I got so far, and the end of our tour was nearing. One last evening stroll before we had to pack and leave. And lo and behold, there was a stamp on the road! And it was still as clean and fresh as if just bought over the counter! And it was a flower definitive! And it still had the margin on, making it possible to identify it as a sheet stamp! Wow!

Somebody must have dropped it from their wallet! I know it's only a simple low value stamp but I just loved the idea of it being thrown onto my path (literally) after all my searching! So this is now my most treasured stamp of the lot!

Oh well, it takes all sorts, I suppose!



nnnnnn said…
Adrian, lovely stamp and what a lovely way to acquire it..makes it more enjoyable.. :-)

Best wishes ...Michael