Tour of Europe (III)
Well, seeing that we always start at the end and then work our way back home, so that we do not easily get the feeling that we wish we could be home, and when we eventually do, we're almost there (holidaying with a psychological edge) we went from Switzerland to Germany! Spent a lovely few days south of the absolutely stunning city of Trier! Sunshine all over, peace and quiet, lovely forests and open views and what a city! I may not have seen much of the world, but I would bet that Trier has to be in the top 5 of most beautiful cities in Europe if not the world! Absolutely amazing!

But before we went to Trier I absolutely had to drive the local postmistress in Kell am See nuts with my philatelic requests! I don't believe the poor thing had ever met a stamp collector before, but she was very obliging and happily unrolled all her coil stamps for me and made me pick out the strips and stamps I liked best. She probably pitied me no end!

Now the Germans have flowery photographs on their current definitives.

These come in all sorts and shapes. As far as I could observe, coils are the most popular format, but the lady took a grab below the counter and came up with booklet type items as well, which they call Steckkarte.

When I had a look at her coil stamp dispensing thingy, I suddenly noticed that she still sold values fom the old "Tourist Sights" definitive set.

I absolutely adored that set so I was quite chuffed! Figuring that they might soonish be withdrawn I decided to get a few strips in, even though they were quite high values, now that I could still get them at face value.

Each fifth stamp in the coil has a number on the back, which can be shown to good effect when buying the stamps in strips, so you can fold the numbered stamp and thereby show both stamp and number.

Yes, I know, some (most?) philatelists shiver at this sacrilege but I quite like presenting my coil stamps like this. So (just to save you bombarding me with e-mails): don't do this at home, kids!