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I had a few new items in for my Wilhelmina collection yesterday. Among those was the 1928 airmail set for the Netherlands Indies. This set consists of overprinted Little Ship and Palm Tree definitives, if those are their names. I'm not sure about that one, I'm not even sure whether they have proper names. Maybe they're just referred to as the Seegers definitives, as he is the designer of the Little ship definitives at least. Not sure whether he also designed the Palm Tree stamps. And I believe there's a rumour that the portrait of that Little Ship stamp was actually by Jan Veth. So questions galore and answers badly needed!

But to come back to this airmail set. The two low values have a similar overprint, with just the value changed.

For the three Palm Tree stamps, three different overprints were used, because we have a cent on cent overprint,

a cent on guilder overprint,

and a guilder on guilder overprint,

with various ways needed to obliterate the old values.

Now what bugs me is that the Dutch NVPH catalogue does mention that there are a few tiny varieties of these overprints to be found, but it does not state which ones. Well, what good is that to me? So again, I'll need more information on this. Oh well, one way to keep you lot busy!



nnnnnn said…
Adrian, Hi, what an interesting issue of overprints.. and as you say the printing is different.. spar line missing as far as I could see.

Could I use for my aviatioon blog please.. something different.

excellent writings as always.. and veryu enjoyable reading

Best wishes.. Michael