Canadian birds
Nothing special today, just showing you some lovely bird stamps that I received from a swap. Thanks again, Onkar, if you happen to read this!
Now the Canadians issued a number of bird sets starting in the late 1990s. The design is very beautiful, so here are a few examples, from the 1998 set.As you can see, the top margins gives the Latin names of the birds which is always handy. But this label is rather confusing as it states the Latin name of the owl at the top and the Latin name for the hairy woodpecker below. I suppose the woodpecker stamp would have been situated below the owl stamp, but seeing that I "only" have one row of stamps, this is not clear. Seeing that both names (though in reverse order) also appear above the woodpecker stamp at the left, I wonder why they haven't just put down the one name.I quite like this gray-crowned rosy-finch, would love to have that in my garden!The great crested flycatcher reminds me of my first ever sighting of the crested tit, in Germany this Spring. They're very rare over here, I believe there's only one spot in the north of Scotland where they reside, so I felt quite lucky! I'll show some more in a day or two.