When Bulgaria turned communist after the Second World War, and became part of the Eastern Bloc, its stamp designs followed suit. A favourite "communist" stamp subject is the glorification of national heroes and revolutionaries. And so, in 1948, a set of seven stamps was issued to mark the birth centenary of Khristo Botev, the poet and revolutionary.

He played an important part in Bulgaria's struggle to free itself from the Ottoman Empire. The set depicts everything, from himself, to his birthplace
and even his mother appears on one of the values!

An even more openly communist theme was apparent on another 1948 set, to honour the Soviet Army.

Its designs are very typically glorifying and stand out as such.

There's plenty who find these stamps drab and frown upon the numbers issued (granted, most communist countries did go overboard in the 50s and 60s), but these early examples do have a certain charm, I think, and if nothing else, are a legacy of those times, and for that they deserve a place in everybody's stamp album!