More birds
As promised, here is another set of those lovely Canadian birdies.

This is the 1997 set and I think I like it even more than the 1998 set. It depicts two rather colourful birds.

Now I'm normally not bothered with the very tropical varieties of birds, I'm more a "birds in my own garden and environment" type of birder, but the nice thing about these colourful beasties is that they have the appearance of everyday birds, yet are strangely colourful. So thumbs up for those.

Grebes are very elegant birds and I like the fact that this is exactly how the French call them.

And of course, the set contains my favourite sea bird: the gannet! Lovely stamp and lovely bird. Again, I like the French name, wonder where it comes from, fou being a clown or joker. Maybe it's their behaviour, although it's usually the puffin which is called a clown. Maybe it's their facial features. I recently read somewhere that they follow ships. I can vouch for that for the last time we took the ferry from IJmuiden in the Netherlands to Newcastle in England we indeed had a gannet following us all the way. Amazing! Picture everybody on deck staring at the sunset and us two staring the other way, following the gannet! Oh well, it takes all sorts, I suppose!