My special agent
I know this charming, lovely lady in Zurich, Switzerland (Hi, Clothilde!) who has been so very kind as to go in search of my missing Swiss birdies. Remember those? I wrote about them before, but there were a few values that I couldn't get at the time. And since then, two more values were issued. So I was very happy to get them in the mail yesterday. And the hunt had been very much enjoyed by my special agent, even though she literally had to go all over town to visit numerous post offices before being successful! Now that's a true collector in the making. isn't it? After all, half the pleasure of stamp collecting is the hunt for those elusive items!
One of the two new values depicts the alectoris graeca, or rock partridge.
Very much a bird of southern and south-eastern Europe, but also very much like other partridges, like the ones roaming in our garden! On the second new value we find the milvus milvus or red kite.
This bird is of course very much present here although it has taken a lot of conservation work to get numbers up again. My favourite of the stamps received yesterday is the podiceps cristatus or great crested grebe.
Such a lovely, elegant bird and look how it carries its young on its back. Fantastic!