I've never been to the Sistine Chapel, I've never even been to the Vatican City or Italy or anywhere near! So much still to do! But judging from the Vatican stamps I got recently, I'd love to see the chapel for myself.

The set of 12 stamps was issued in April 1991, because of the restoration of the Sistine Chapel.
All stamps depict details from the so-called lunettes. These are the parts of the walls surrounding the windows.
They all depict the Ancestors of Christ, and are of course all by Michelangelo.
I do find that the stamps are rather bright. I do believe that during the restoration the true bright colours did show up, which were deemed quite remarkable, but I'm not sure whether these colours are very lifelike.

A second set, issued in 1994 to mark the completion of the restoration, has more subdued colours, depicting amongst others the creation of the planets.



toon said…
Adrian, always look to the funny side of life!
Adrian said…
Well, I had thought of commenting on that but it was too early in the morning!