Father's Day
Well, I never. I managed to forget about both Mother's Day and Father's Day this year, how rude is that?! Well, I'm hopefully excused as far as Mother's Day is concerned for that is on a different day here in GB so by the time the Dutch Mother's Day arrives everything has gone quiet here. But it was only yesterday, when I bought a card for someone, that I saw it was Father's Day today! Oh well, too late for a card now, so I'll just have to show one!
And it is a very apt one, for it comes from my dad's former collection! He used to work for Philips and that's how he got hold of one of these special jubilee flight postcards, with a special cancel, special air mail sticker and of course a special air mail stamp. All in honour of 75 years of Philips. A quick look at various on line auctions tells me that the flight cover is rather common, but I've not come across one single flight postcard like this one. Maybe they were only produced for Philips staff!


PS: Oh, and notice the handwriting! If I could write like that, I wouldn't need a computer to write up my collection! But alas, I did not inherit my dad's handwriting, for mine is awful!


toon said…
Adrian, ze schreven vroeger vaak tegen een lineaaltje aan. dat heb ik ook zo gedaan. alleen de poten van de p en j en g en q en y moest je apart aanzetten.
je vader deed dat kennelijk ook.
Adrian said…
I know! My dad had already e-mailed me saying he used a ruler to write this neatly. I knew about this trick and have tried it as well, and it still looks awful!
Lia said…
@Adrian, happily he read your blog very well! And I'm sure he's very proud of you!
Adrian said…
Hope so!