Let's get personal
The possibility of making personal stamps has become quite a rage in Holland, and I suppose in other countries too. Here in Britain, all you get is a lame label next to an ordinary stamp, so apart from dealers cashing in there's hardly anything happening on that front (as far as I know anyway). But in the Netherlands, where you can have your own image on the stamp itself, you'll find that lots of organizations use this medium to advertise or commemorate various events etc.
I was sent these two stamps promoting the province of Groningen by a former colleague of my Dad's (thank you, Mr Huizing!), a Groningen born man and obviously still rather partial to that part of the Netherlands, even though he now lives in Friesland, the neighbouring province where I am from.
As you can see, there are already a number of frames in circulation, and seeing that this whole thing started a few years back, you may also find personal stamps with a value of €0.39.

The stamp depicts the logo used for the promotion of tourism in Groningen, with the slogan "Er gaat niets boven Groningen" translating as "Nothing tops Groningen", the clever pun being that this may be true figuratively, but it is also true literally, as Groningen is the northernmost province of the Netherlands. The previous logo reflected this much better, I think, with the province "jumping out" at you.
But anyway, give me the 1927 version of a Groningen stamp any day, old-fashioned so and so that I am!