Yes, it's that time of year again, time to take a step back, reflect on what I'm doing and then decide to implement major changes! Although each and every time I do this, I'm getting closer to what I really want. For a little while now, I've revived my Wilhelmina collection. I'm remounting the whole thing in three groups: the Dutch definitive sets, the definitives for the overseas territories and the third part (about which I'm not entirely sure yet) would be "Her Life" with all commemorative and special stamp issues, issues after her death and lots of postcards and memorabilia. And all this in a more or less chronological order. We'll see how that pans out, but for the moment I'm very much still busy with part 1.
That is also because I have a display to do in October for a neighbouring stamp society. And a whole night as well! That means 160 sheets! And I've never done so many, and I've never been to another society to display. Brrr! But anyway, I've kept the title of my display nice and vague (Definitives of Europe) so I can be flexible about what to show. What I had in mind is to show 80 Wilhelmina sheets as part 2 and 80 sheets of five different European definitive sets as part 1, those being the Hradcany stamps of Czechoslovakia, the Helvetia with Sword issues of Switzerland, the Imperiale definitives of Italy, the Juliana en Face definitives of the Netherlands and finally the 1908 Franz Josef issues of Austria. Now I do have those but some of the pages are still rather boring so at the moment I'm trying very hard to get some more interesting items to show. One of those being a black print of a Hradcany stamp.
These were proof printings, made in black, for a final inspection of the printing plates, to check them on possible damage, etc. With thanks to Peter for all the information on these. He's got a great website, listed at the right on my blog. Do have a look!

But anyway, I singled these five sets out to collect them further and more specialized, in order to later be able to write a book(let) on them. The idea was to add a new set every now and then and so build up a collection of European definitives. But I find that I want to get a bit more variation in, and I find that I'm still learning so much doing my articles, that I won't want to think about writing anything as prestigious as a book, so what I've now decided is to focus on Europe 1900-1950. The dates had already applied to the definitives as well, because in this way I can skip the expensive 19th century stuff, I can include a very interesting time of European history, still add a bit of postwar Europe and then again will be able to forget about all modern issues. As usual, I'm very excited about the prospect of mounting my Europe stuff thusly, but like I said, I first got to get this display organized and then I'll be in full swing, I hope!