First stamp
Do you remember your very first stamp? No, I thought not. Well, at least I don't, but it was probably a Dutch one! However, one of the very early stamps I remember so well, is this one here:
I must admit I didn't have the original anymore, must have given it away sometime. It's from a 1961 Yugoslav set marking the 20th Anniversary of the Yugoslav Insurrection. To be honest, I had always remembered it to be a Russian stamp, so I had a hell of a job finding it in the catalogue the other day because I wanted to order the set! But I found it and the other stamps in the set are very nice as well.
They all depict various monuments that chart the events of that time.
The odd one out is undoubtedly this funny stamp, which only shows part of a monument and is so out of synch with the others that show complete monuments against these gradated background colours.
The reason why I remember that 15d stamp so well is because it came in a packet of used stamps and it was the only one that was not used. I was so happy to have a mint stamp (even then, at the tender age of somewhere between 8 and 11?) that I could not believe my eyes when I ready the accompanying note saying that any uncancelled stamps could be returned and exchanged! No way I was gonna do that!