I was sorting my "N's" last night and when I came across my bunch (well, rather tiny bunch) of Nepal stamps to sort, I came across this stamp.
I couldn't find it in the catalogue, and I also couldn't find it amongst any other countries (such as Tuva) which I thought it might be from. And I can also not remember how I got this stamp and why I put it amongst the Nepal stamps in the first place. I must have taken it out of a box of stamps that I once got. But anyway, it seems I desperately need your help! Do any of you know where this stamp comes from, and maybe any other details???????

Hope so!



Dolores said…
Interesting stamp Arjan! Maybe they know more at Stampboards? It happens so often that there is someone who knows something about whatever stamp.
Good luck!
Adrian said…
Thanks, I'll try that if I don't get any answers!
toon said…
Arjan, this stamp is from ARMENIA, formerly part of Trans-Caucasian Russia.
Emission of 1921. The stamp shows a Wall Sculpture at Ani.
This stamp is part of a rather large series of 15 stamps, some of them showing teh famous mount Ararat.
Adrian said…
Found it! You're fantastic, Toon, thanks very much!