Shall we dance?
I'm still in a nostalgic mood, so here's another blast from my past: the 1974 Classic Dance stamps from Thailand. I know that some people have "Dance" as their theme for a collection, which is very original I think and must be interesting to do research on. The stamp shown above depicts the "Phra Lak Phlaeng Rit", but trying to find anything out on Google just leaves you with sites selling the stamp! That also goes for the "Chin Sao Sai" stamp! So much for starting on a new theme! Maybe "Dance" isn't such a nice theme after all!

The stamps did remind me, slightly, of those 1940s dance stamps from the Netherlands Indies, again showing traditional dance (I don't give up that easily!). The 5c depicts a padjoge dancer, but still hardly any info. Look, though, how the shadowy theme which you find on the Thai stamps is repeated here!The 4c depicts a Wayangwong dancer, from the early theatrical performances in the palaces. Finally a dance on which you can find information! So maybe this is the stamp to start exploring on!



Dolores said…
Not Thai dances, or Asian dances, but Spanish dances are at stamps too! Spain issues this year stamps with traditional folk dances, Ireland has a joint issue with Spain and I happen to know a nice booklet from Argentin with dance dresses....although these are all modern stamps, it's a nice start too, and probably more information to find about the dances!