Party time
In 1948, the Czechoslovakians were preparing a party to mark the 30th anniversary of their country and also the 30th anniversary of their first stamp issue: the Hradcany definitives.
I'm not sure of the exact story, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the idea for the latter was initially to re-issue the 5h yellow-green. Proof printings were made with the original printing plate, on paper without gum. I recently managed to get hold of a nice block of those.
I don't know why this issue never happened. It couldn't have been because the 5 haleru was no longer a value which could be used for any postage rate, because the Hradcany stamps show no denomination, so the stamp could easily have been used as a 5 koruna stamp, a value which was still current at the time and often included in stamp sets.
But anyway, somebody must have changed their mind for what was eventually issued was a miniature sheet with a reprint of a Hradcany stamp, the dates 1918-1948, and the sentence "Thirty years of Czechoslovakian postage stamps".
The stamp value has extra zeros to indicate this is a koruna value. As you can see from the 5h stamp block, the original stamps only had a large figure denoting the value in haleru. The sheet was issued on 18 December 1948, 30 years to the day after the first Hradcany stamps were issued!


toon said…
on the 5 haleru stamp you see the SUN behind the Hradzany castle. this is not possible according to the rules of nature, so the design was changed with a leaving-out of the sun. for an extensive descriptions of the two versions see a catalogue of Hungary stamps.
Adrian said…
You're absolutely right, Toon. I'll deal with that in my next post!