More sunshine
Probably because of a lack of sunshine here at home, I'm strangely drawn towards writing blog entries on the sun! We have just had the sun behind Hradcany Castle and now we're doing the sun behind the camel! For this I'm taking you to Sudan. I've done that before, writing about the wonderful Camel Postman series, have a look here. But now, nearly two years later, I'm finally mounting what Camel Postman stamps I have and I was sorting them last night. My first, and very pleasant, surprise was to find an inverted watermark among the lot, which made the large box I got it from (bought for hardly anything and filled with used and mint stamps) very much worth my while! But inverted watermarks don't show up in scans so I'm going to show you another find, which may maybe not help so much towards my pension fund, but which is very nice to have and it shows better on a scan!
We're having a look at the 1948 commemorative stamp, which marks 50 years of Sudanese stamps. And what better way to mark this event than to depict an image of the stamp which had already become a national symbol!? So the stamp depicts the 2p camel Postman stamp, in a border with explanatory text.
Now the catalogues don't tell you this but there is a type 2 of this stamp!
Do you see the difference?
Well, on the type 2 stamp, the shading behind the camel's neck has disappeared, giving the appearance of a rising or setting sun behind the camel. Here's a close-up of the two versions.
The strange thing is (or was, maybe more research has been done by now) that this variety exists on both plates used for printing, and in varying numbers on different sheets! Maybe it's time to join the Sudan Study Group!