Patent Beauty (1)
Those who know me a bit, know that I'm not usually very fond of modern-day stamp design, and when it comes to Dutch stamps, I usually find them quite abhorrent, even though I don't always vend my disgust here (that would bore you to tears I suppose, and there's so much positive to enjoy with stamps, so why bother focusing on the negative?!).
But I've just seen the Dutch stamps that will be issued next February, marking a centenary of the Dutch State Patent Act, and the designs are so absolutely stunning that I've fallen in love with them straightaway.
The only slight downer is that Dutch TNT has this horrible habit of issuing stamps in miniature sheets only, so this set comes in a sheetlet of ten different stamps huddled together. It completely spoils the whole thing, so I guess it's a case of ripping the sheet up, removing all the unnecessary tabs and margins, and then you're left with ten beautiful stamps. And I'm going to show you to them, all of them, one by one, whether you like it or not!
First up is the stamp dedicated to Hans Lipperhey, who applied for a patent on his binocular telescope ( = two small prismatic telescopes joined together) in 1608. He may not necessarily have been the first to make one, but he is credited with making the device widely known. According to the designer of the stamp, the original binocular telescope no longer exist, so the illustration is that of a replica.
More tomorrow!



toon said…
adrian, you may change the date 1908 in your text into 1608 as indicated on the stamp.
Adrian said…
Thanks for that, Toon, and consider it done!