Patent Beauty (6)
We're entering the 1980s now with our patent set, and there's three different stamps dedicated to this era.
First up is "Handwriting recognition", patented by TNT in 1980. This for me is one of the many wonders of the new age; the ability of computers to recognize handwritten input. It's completely beyond me, but that ain't saying that much.
Closer to my own little world of comprehension is the VacuVin, patented in 1987 by Bernd Schneider. Now here's a handy invention; a vacuum wine saver, a device to preserve opened botles of wine! Very surprised to see it being a Dutch invention though. One would image that it would have been a Frenchman who would have thought of something like this, but then again, they may be more apt to finish their bottles of wine in one go!
Staying in 1987, we have the final stamp for the eighties, dedicated to the milking robot, patented by Van der Lely, designed to relieve manual work for the farmer.
Designwise: Note how the clear font and the position of the text between those vertical lines make the set work together perfectly, and make the overall image one of stability, rather than too much info on each stamp.


keijo said…
Handwriting recognizability (or more precisely OCR) is definitely a great invention. Not that I understand how it works, I just love the end results ;)