Patent Beauty (the end)
Yes, we're nearing the end of the patent beauty series, with the final two stamps showing inventions of this century.
The first one deals with Philips' LED lighting, patented in 2007. Now, to be honest, I thought LED had been around for a while, so what exactly has been patented here, I'm not sure, and a short search on the internet hasn't made things clearer for me, so I think I'll quickly move on to the next one.
The final stamp looks rather futuristic, but apparently the future is here. It is a solar car, which (no points for this) runs on solar energy, patented last year by the Solar Team Twente. I'm getting all sorts of cartoon images here, and I can't help feeling that these will one day fly above the motorway, rather than just on them.
Well, so much for this overload of modern stuff! It was a bit much maybe, but I still enjoy these stamps and will be looking forward to when they are released next month. But now it's time to head back to some more comfortable stomping grounds, like the first half of the last century, or wherever your and my fancy may take us.


nnnnnn said…
Hi Adrian, Happy New Year

Interesting series.. very informative and a nice issue

Thanks for sharing that with us

Best wishes.. Michael (cddstamps)