For Michael!
Michael wants more KGV, Michael gets more KGV!
The only trouble is I do not have much KGV, so here's just a little bit more on Georgian India, which yielded some very nice stamps. I've already shown you the high values from the definitive set, but the low values were very nice as well, depicting the King-Emperor in imperial robes, placed in different frames.
There was basically only the one set, but different printers makes it still worth while specializing a bit.
Apart from the definitives, there weren't that many stamps issued back then. Bliss! But the period did see the first airmail stamps issued in the British Commonwealth.
They're not my favourites but hey, it's for Michael, and he'll be happy to see another plane on a stamp, this being the De Havilland Hercules if I'm not mistaken.
I'm more enamoured with the 1931 set to mark the inauguration of the new capital New Delhi. A lovely set of six stamps with various images from New Delhi.
I just love the frame they're placed in; nice and old fashioned and busy and curly. very imperial!
The final set in the Georgian reign was issued in 1935 to mark his silver jubilee.
Same idea as the 1931 set but this time with images from all over India, and with yet another sumptuous frame, although I'm not quite sure about the palm trees...


nnnnnn said…
Thanks Adrian... excellent series

great to read..

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nnnnnn said…
Adrian, PS yes it is a DeHavilland DH 66 Hercules

lovely issue.. a set of 6 with some nice error varieties - which sadly I do not have :-(

keijo said…
I just keep on wondering why engraved stamps like this are not made anymore :(
nnnnnn said…
because the Post Office want low cost cheap production and no quality issues..

Adrian,.. Hi.. all ok there??

Best wishes.. Michael cddstamps.. and hey! promote my new website please :-)
Its nice to see your blog. Specially these stamps from India...
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Saurabh Das said…
excellent work ..
I am also a philatelist and I am collecting stamps since the past 11 years..