Big Ben
It's high time we had a look at yet another beautiful stamp! This time it's a stamp from Monaco.
Now I usually find the stamps from Monaco a bit "samey", instantly recognisable, that's true, but not always that remarkable. Although this stamp, too, has very much the stamp of Monaco all over it, it does stand out from the others, I think. Of course, it's a recess-printed stamps (like many of Monaco's stamps, which is to their eternal credit), and that means that the beauty of it does not show too well on a scan. Just hold the stamp against the light at an angle to enjoy and marvel at the lines of the engraving. Such an art form! The stamp is designed and engraved by Claude Andreotto. Not quite sure why Monaco would choose to mark the 150th anniversary of the Big Ben (not even GB has thought of milking that anniversary!), but if they come up with stamps like this one, long may they continue!