Ahem. Well, not really, just some ideas on how to keep your stamps, maybe, or maybe even just to show you how I do it. For Pablo!
As I said yesterday, I'm now rearranging my general world collection in stockbooks, like this:
I group countries together in regions, based on how Stanley Gibbons groups them in their different parts of their catalogue. I use different coloured books for each regions, so part 1 (British Commonwealth) is in black books, part 2 (Austria & Hungary, where this page is taken from) in blue books, part 3 (Balkans) in red books, etcetera. I use black paged books because I think the stamps come out great on a black background. I make the info strips at the top in Microsoft Word. Just a plain document, add one table of one column, and in that way you get around ten strips on one page. Cut them out neatly and slide them in your stockbook. As easy as pie!
I find that the enormous advantage of this is a) it's easy to set up, and b) easy to maintain. New additions can be either aded to the page or you can easily shift stamps around and make everything fit again. All you then have to do is write some new info strips (yes, I do keep documents of all strips made (one document per book), so as not to have to retype everything). I've done three books so far and am very happy.
I used to mount everything like this:
The great disadvantages of this way are: a) you'll never finish the job, b) there's so many pages to make because you somehow get less stamps on a page, and c) as soon as you have new stamps that need to be fitted in somewhere, you start wasting so much paper in having to redo whole pages and d) what about all the extra mounts you constantly need to use and buy. And I was fed up with the loose sheet format in binders. Made everything look like a schoolboy scrap book rather than a collection to be proud of / enjoyed thoroughly. So I'm glad I've stopped doing that. All I need now is to find some good use for all those empty binders!
My proper collection, of Queen Wilhelmina, is still on pages, like so:
I am however, considering doing these in books too. maybe in a more luxurious book of proper leather, with clear interleaves (or whatever they are called). But I'll give that one another think.
What I will keep on loose pages is my Peacemaking collection.
This is a more thematic collection with more write-up so I don't think that would work as well in stockbooks with info strips. besides, I'm hoping to one day start showing this to others so I would need loose pages anyway. I may, however, one day choose a different type of binder. I quite like the ones with pegs, but you'll need proper stamp pages for those and they don't usually fit standard printers. I haven't solved that problem yet! Bigger printer I suppose. But I just bought another one so I'll leave that for a while yet.
Anyway, here ends my guided tour through my collections!


keijo said…
Hi Adrian,

looks superb!!! I'll definitely need to try this out some day soon.
Adrian said…
Glad you like it!
Pablo (yo) said…
Thank you, they look really nice!!